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In Tsonga language the word “SWESWI” means “NOW”

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  • MYSWESWI means “MY NOW”, “My time is now” and the desire to embrace and express my story as a Black South African woman, born and raised in the township

    MYSWESWI means that it’s My “Now” ….to speak, to act, to stand up!

    MYSWESWI brand communicates that it is my turn: As a Black South African Woman …. From a Township….  To show the beauty of South African Culture, Initiated from my Tsonga tradition

    Wearing MYSWESWI the message YOU spread is that: It does not matter what your age is, where you come from, your gender or the colour of your skin.

It’s MYSWESWI, it’s your time to speak!


In Tsonga language the word “GARINGANI” means “story-teller”.

“Once-Upon-a-Time.” …. A new story begins!

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  • “garingani wa garingani” is the beginning of any Tsonga story narrated by the story-tellers; the “once upon a time” that begins any traditional story that amazes the listeners

    This is My Life, My Journey, My Story, through My Brand

    It is the journey beginning of many stories that I will tell you

    MYGARINGANI is how we Introduce new collections…Engage with our tribe…Share stories…Celebrate important moments

    MYGARINGANI communicates that it is “my turn to tell my story”… It’s My storytelling

    As an Individual…. As a global citizen…. As a “no-tag-constrained” human being…

    Wearing MYSWESWI the message YOU spread is: Whichever gender, race, colour, nationality, tribe, religion or age you belong to. It does matter who you are…It does matter what you have to say;

Your story is important, and we will spread it!


Our TRIBE is always open to Everyone.

The Logo (KRAAL) is a powerful symbol of community, tradition, and inclusivity. It is a place where people engage, embrace, and uplift each other.

The KRAAL logo explores the ideas of openness, movement, and endless potential to be unlocked.

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  • It is a safe space, where friends and family can speak their truth and let their stories weave together. But most importantly, it is a space of movement and opportunity, of people coming and going, where every opening and doorway is rich with possibilities and the excitement of something new

    MYSWESWI collections delivers to our TRIBE Members garments which befits luxury, exquisiteness, and contemporary artful wonders, of high and sustainable quality, whether at work, social gatherings or day-by-day real life

    MYSWESWI brings South African Heritage to a new  way of looking to the fashion world, I will introduce sought-after high-end collections, creating our very own Tribe, the MYSWESWI TRIBE.



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Our brand mantra is an internal expression that bring together the three core attributes of our brand


Wear It

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Express yourself through our contemporary range of collections.


Feel It

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The physical and emotional sensation you experience when you wear MYSWESWI, a local South African brand. dedicated to inclusivity and the uplifting of local people, cultures, and the environment.


Say It

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Inspiring the confidence to tell your own stories and speak up for what you believe in.

MYSWESWI made by Tsonga Designer – Tebogo Mashabane. 

You can call me Teps !

Brand Idea


Brand Positioning

MYSWESWI is a “glocal” and contemporary “prêt-à-couture” brand, inspired by South African cultures and traditions

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  • Dedicated to the inclusion of all peoples and aspires to always respect, support, and hold itself true to the communities from whom it draws its inspiration

    MYSWESWI produces limited runs of high-tailored garments while also offering bespoke haute couture items produced on demand

    TRULY INCLUSIVE FASHION: MYSWESWI is more than just a fashion brand; at it’s heart it is committed to inclusivity and upliftment

    We stand against all injustices and strive for equality across all walks of life

  • Our Tribe

    Inclusivity and respect are our key values and core virtues; respect for people, for beauty, for quality, for diversity, and for the environment.

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    Our tribe is accepting, positive, and passionate. We are age, race, and gender neutral. We are willing to speak up for what we believe in.

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  • Our Suppliers

    Whenever possible, producers and materials will be sourced locally with the aim to economically benefit the communities we operate in. Most materials are exclusively produced for MYSWESWI

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    Wherever possible, effort will be made to employ underprivileged individuals with the goal to both uplift them economically and upskill their communities

Brand Aspiration


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and have our garments celebrated as couture icons rich with style and meaning.

Brand Values

Inclusivity , Respect, Positivity and Personal Progression.

Core Brand Attributes

Expression, Sensation and Confidence.

Core Brand Essence

Celebrate South African culture through authentic and inclusive design.


Stay tuned on social media…. When you hear “GARINGANI WA GARINGANI” a new story begins…

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Tribe Insight:

Wearing MYSWESWI the message the TRIBE  spreads is:

Our purchase decisions makes a positive difference in the world while simultaneously supporting their aspirational lifestyles.

How we act:

  • We are Empowered

    We are Aware

    We are Optimistic

    We are Confident !

How we communicate:

  • Our tone is positive, inclusive, and confident.

    We consider what we say carefully, and we only say something if we mean it.

    We love to express ourselves and we encourage our tribe to do the same.

    We aren’t scared to stand-up for what we believe in, but we always do so in positive and constructive ways.

    We never accuse, shame, or blame; we build people up, not break them down.

    We are warm and supportive, colourful, and vibrant.

    And above all, we are kind.

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